Active Fusion Easter Camp Campsmount School

“90 Minute Music is Sick!!!” “Simon is funny and cool” S.W. age 12

Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Parents “I thought the music session was really good and for all age groups. Simon made it fun and encouraged children AND adults to join in! The children have said how much they enjoyed the session.”

“Both my children loved playing music it made them so happy and they got to meet new friends.”A.P.

Patients “This really stopped me from being bored and made me happy”

“I haven’t been doing much recently as I have been in hospital and this entertainment made me feel happy”

“I was able to go out of my comfort zone and do something new that I haven’t done before. Simon was really friendly and encouraging!”

Charlotte – Artfelt Workshop Co-ordinator “We were all really impressed by the 90 Minute Music session at The Children’s Hospital. The electronic jam was a brilliant idea as it encouraged absolutely everyone to get involved and make music together regardless of age, ability or musical experience. At one point we had a baby playing tambourine, alongside an 11 year old on the DJ decks and a mum on the bongo drums. Our staff happily danced to the music being played and everyone had a smile on their face, it was a fun and joyous session and a lovely morning on the wards. Simon pitched the workshop perfectly so no one was left out, he gave everyone guidance, enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you again!”

Bentley Myplace Youth Hub

“The best session we have ever had” A.N.

What an accolade from an experienced youth leader, our feedback sheets were 10/10 across the board from all the young people.

The Base Rossington

“I think it was a great confidence builder for our students” R.L.

” We understand that the need to be flexible is key and you were respectful of their needs”

The Holmescarr Centre Rossington

“Fun all the way through with turn taking and team work being applied successfully.

The feedback from the Young Carers was a definite Yes! to have more of this. The quickest 90 minutes we’ve known! “


North Ridge School Testamonials

A very good session. All the group were really engaged in the session and all really enjoyed taking part. The pace was set well and incorporated some counting…beats.

One student who wouldn’t usually join in was up dancing, another a little hesitant at first was eager to have a go on the Spanish drum.

The music was current so the students could identify with it. We were given plenty of notice to move a student in a wheelchair so he didn’t miss his turn.


Objectives being social interaction and work on anxieties – All the class were willing to engage and join in. They all had individual turns on the deck and all played instruments as a group.

Simon introduced the session and was professional in his approach. Friendly also. Every pupil was given time for their turn, positive praise for everyone.

It was accessible for all levels of attainment. Very positive participation from all. Pupils and staff appeared to find this more age appropriate than other styles of music sessions.

P.S. Maybe it could’ve been a slightly longer session as it was soon time to pack away.


I feel all the objectives that were set were fully met. I feel that all students educational needs were met and at the right level for each pupil.

All students were engaged in the lesson (J.M. started the lesson with his top over his head and finished playing the main instrument)

I liked how time was given to a student in a wheelchair to prepare to be moved to the decks.It was nice to see all students laughing and joining in and L.M. dancing without being asked. Adjustments were made when asked with counting as some students were not confident with numbers up to 16.

Myself and other staff also said we wished it would have been on for a longer period as the students enjoyed it so much. There was a much better response than to some music lessons we have within school.