An Invitation from Expect Youth and UK Youth.

Along with fellow directors Louise Beioley-Flynn and Dominic Woodhouse we accepted membership of Expect Youth, and we have proudly received the UK Youth First Steps Quality Mark. We have also accepted membership of UK Youth and look forward to supporting them in creating positive outcomes for young people in the future.

All our staff have full enhanced D.B.S. checks, add to that Safeguarding certificates, Prevent, Zero Suicide Alliance, G.D.P.R., and Level 3 First Aid. We have also just completed an intensive N.C.F.E. course in Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties. Along with our industry expertise that spans over 20 years, we have everything in place to deliver quality sessions safely.

Although the main elements of our work are about fun and group engagement, the serious matters of professional practice and safety are always at the core of our mindset.

Free 90 Minute Music Sessions!!!

Bentley MYplace Youth Hub from 5.00pm Thursday the 4th of NOVEMBER. Age 8 to 16 years . Limited places

  • Hands on music creation
  • Beat making
  • Jamming

Click on the enquiries tab and fill in the short booking form…..we will email to confirm your free place.

UK Youth Safer Spaces Quality Mark

Just a brief post to say thank you to EXPECT Youth for inviting us to become members and to Clare Galliers for giving us her support while gathering and attaining documentation that added up to us receiving our quality mark..

Thanks also to Amy Rutherford of Doncaster Chamber for her work supporting the Community Wealth Builder, and not forgetting the team at Well Doncaster, and VAD who have worked hard to provide cohesion between community groups.

Boost to the Acoustics!!!

Due to the unique way we deliver 90 Minute Music, we always draw on the experiences of working in Live Sound and Studio settings. The frequency ranges of the instruments need to be carefully considered.

We have been on the look out for a Schlagwerk Log Drum for a long time and were struggling due to the cost of these high-quality acoustic instruments. Everything we use must be safe, durable and fit with the framework of principles in which we work. Mission Accomplished!! Tried and tested on over 500 young people this summer. For some this was the first musical instrument they had ever played and as expected, turned out to be a real confidence booster.

Another addition we have acquired is this Aluminium Darbuka. These instruments are helpful when working with people who have mobility issues or have weakness in their hands. We pride ourselves on being able to use the knowledge we have gained through experience to maximise the possibilities for all within our sessions.

These instruments will provide a source of inspiration hopefully for years to come. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far!!!

The End of a Challenge, The Beginning of Another.

We are proud to announce the professional qualification of Director Louise Beioley-Flynn. She now holds a BSc (Hons) and is a Registered Nurse.

Studying while raising a family is a big commitment at the best of times but doing it during a Pandemic and working unpaid for 2,400 hours must be commended.

Louise left school with no formal qualifications and had to resit GCSE’s, before completing an access course to Nursing and Midwifery, then going on to attain her degree. It wasn’t always an easy ride, but we got there. She has an absolute passion for Nursing, she was inspired to begin the journey after meeting a health visitor, who was supportive of Breast Feeding, and seeing a good friends’ social media posts about studying at the same level.

The impact on 90 Minute Music has been a greater shared knowledge base and awareness of certain professional principles, which have relevance to our practical work. Having access to the university’s resources gave an opportunity to delve into the increasing academic research surrounding Music, Psychology and how Neuroscience can provide answers, and in some cases provide further questions about how we interact with Music and the benefits to lifelong health and education.

Opportunity Area Doncaster!!!

We were recently invited to support activities on behalf of the Doncaster Opportunity Area. It is humbling to be considered for this kind of important and impactful work in our own borough of Doncaster.

Our hands-on approach fit the criteria for this perfectly as it was to support young people not in mainstream education and those who may not be able to access the kind of service we provide by barrier of expense or physical locality.

We Provided 4 sessions at the Youth Hubs and were proud to involve our latest volunteer Tom. Tom is studying music at School and it was a great opportunity for him to get real practical experience of working with music, and also a chance for him to work with young people, which might not always seem like a career path for someone of his age.

One of the young people who attended came with his siblings and wasn’t as keen on travelling to the Youth Hub as his brother and sister.

“I didn’t want to come today, I didn’t know it was going to be like this, I’ve really enjoyed it, when I heard it was going to be Music, I thought it would just be boring, but this is awesome, can I come next time?”

M.B. Age 12

We take pride in making our sessions engaging and accessible so to hear quotes like this gives us a real boost to know that the hours of preparation are worthwhile.

We met the usual challenges presented by the Covid-19 Pandemic, and respect goes out to the Youth Hubs staff for their professionalism and humility which I have come to expect, but never take for granted.

Thanks to Philippa Bonham of EXPECT Youth, Lee Douglas and Robin Macneill, and also Paul Littlewood of Higher Rhythm for offering support on this project.

Active Fusion Summer Programme.

It was great to be asked to come back and support Active Fusion with their summer programme.

Active Fusion focus on activities to promote health and well-being for young people.

Our role was to engage with young people to take part in collaborative work which benefits their transition into secondary education, and to provide fun activities for younger children, while respecting appropriate milestones of the MMC.

As with all our sessions the impetus was on practical engagement, but the focus was on the value of communication. We did this by taking part in a session we call “speak to me” where the participants take part in a surreal conversation using audio which highlights simple, but sometimes overlooked elements of communication.

We then expand on these points by highlighting discipline and respect. We did this by jamming on themes around a tribe that live in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. By highlighting dynamics and simply pointing out when the values of communication, discipline and respect were happening, while working collaboratively, offers different outcomes in the context of practical music making when compared to the headspace of a classroom or home environment.

Further benefits include elements of the more mainstream approach of the Model Music Curriculum such as Singing, listening and composition.

We packed a lot in to these short sessions, but it was rewarding to hear most of the young people speaking about the things they had retained upon visiting them for a second time.

A big message of thanks and admiration for the delivery staff at Active Fusion who are made up of young people in their late teens to early 20s. They showed incredible ability to engage and pitch their communication to young people from age 4 to 11 years and get them to show respect for not only the staff, but each other. It really is notable to see young adults who are motivated to support children in such a passionate and wholehearted way. They all made me welcome and were happy to join in with the practical work when asked.

Overall, for our part we engaged with around 400 young people and our research suggests every one of them will enjoy lifelong benefits through their engagement with industry professionals on this programme. Respect goes out to representatives of DMBC and the Department of Education for attending sessions and getting a genuine feel for the quality provision on offer.

Finally, thanks to the young people who engaged with 90 Minute Music. To see friendships being formed while gaining new skills is wonderfully rewarding. I hope to work with you again soon.

The 100 club!!!

This week represents a small milestone in our progress as a company. It is the first time we have delivered our intensive Music workshop to over 100 young people in the same week.

From 5 different venues we have delivered intensively, working with ages from 4 to 17, carefully pitching each individual session to the appropriate age. We worked with 20 different groups in total.

Big thanks to Active Fusion and Youth Hubs Staff along with our new volunteer Tom, and all the staff and pupils from; Kirk Sandall Infants School, Bentley High Street Primary, Moorends West Road Primary , Tom Hill Youth Hub and Bentley Myplace Youth Hub.

We will be at Tom Hill Youth Hub on Wednesday 28th from 12-2pm and Myplace Bentley on Friday 30th 12-2pm, book for FREE through us direct or through Youthhubs

Highfields Boxing Club

Great engagement, group working, problem solving, lyric writing and composition.

We have been working with young people with the support of the Barrier Buster Fund. This has been an incredible boost to our fightback from the Coronavirus pandemic. We used traditional instruments, samplers and synthesizers to compliment the vocals we recorded. 

The boxing community understand the value of respect and the young people gave us plenty while showing us a few moves that they had learnt. 90 Minute Music is about sharing experience and development, so it felt good to learn, as well as sharing our knowledge.

Thanks again to Liz for allowing us to use this gem of a venue to deliver, and big thanks to Well Doncaster and the Barrier Buster team for supporting the development of our young people.

Is Music a Natural Antidote?

Identity, Expression, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Conveying Emotions, Motivation, Empathy, Sociability, Release.

Which of these words is Music to you?

The natural life gift of mothers milk stimulates Oxytocin in the brain. Listening to and participating in music gives a similar pleasure response.

The potential in Music can often be overlooked, or ignored, even by professionals I have spoken to that work with music every day. It is through our research into the neural networks in the brain and findings on the benefits of breastfeeding that show us that both can provide a feel good response which aids development.

At 90 Minute Music we don’t give you something you don’t already have, we just remind you where it is.

What is the most important advice for an aspiring DJ (part 2 of the DJ Methodz Podcast)

I asked him what element of DJing would be the most important lesson for any newcomer, and he goes on to speak about his time at a residency in Poland.

Santino shares the advice, don’t give up, be persistent, which echoes what was said by top Saxophone player Mark Ellis in the Podcast. We also talk about giving back to others from disadvantaged areas and the importance of the social aspects around music. Great to catch up again.

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