From adversity came the spark that inspired 90 Minute Music. After witnessing a member of my family undergo significant trauma, I decided to dig deep and turn the difficult situation into a positive one by helping young people in similar situations.

90 Minute Music initially developed from a year long program of digital music workshops at Bentley My-place youth hub in 2014. I remember the first day when the equipment had arrived from Germany, I felt nervous and didn’t know quite what I was letting myself in for, just as I opened the door to leave for my volunteer role, my partner told me she was expecting again…

All of my children have been the source of inspiration for this project, their inquisitive nature has fuelled the passion within me to make this much more than DJ mash-ups and Songwriting. My children have been the guiding light which has led me to research further into how music technology can not only help to educate, but also to liberate.

I have been blessed to have worked with young people with additional needs in the last few years. One encounter shone a light on what we were collectively achieving.

I was setting up the technical equipment at a local S.E.N school and there was a girl of about 13-14 years old sat watching a cartoon on the wall mounted T.V in front of the table where I was setting up. I was working with key stage 5 at the time, and I didn’t recognise her from the group. I said good morning, she had her head tilted, carried on staring at the screen and although I was next to her commentating, as I was setting up, she gave no response.

As the sessions were going well, the following week I was asked to work with the secondary children. Instantly we had the engagement of the whole room which is always incredible, out of the corner of my eye I saw the girl from the previous week. She ran over from the fringes, grabbed the bongos and joined in with the jam. The beaming smile on her face was an outpouring, which I’m glad the staff had the foresight to capture on video for her parents.

This contrast is just a snapshot of the experiences I have had over the years working with music, I hope to share some more via these pages in the future. S Flynn

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