An absolute pleasure to talk with Hull based DJ and DJ Instructor Santino Roberts about DJing in the UK and Europe. He shares our passion in offering pathways to development using music as the catalyst. We talk about music and how the relationships around it can provide a support system for life.

How do you become a DJ?

We talk about the challenges of being a DJ, the value of creativity and we both share stories of saving lives and supporting mental health.

Look out for part 2 of this interview where we ask: What are the most important lessons you can pass on to an aspiring DJ?

Passing on his experience and bringing positive changes to the lives of young people

We were introduced through the Isla Foundation who have been supporting us through funding and also through our shared passion for positive and sustainable development.

For more details on DJ Methodz and how to access focused DJ tuition in Hull and the surrounding areas check out:

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