How did music come into your life ? Something you heard on the radio, songs you sang in school, maybe even small black discs that you had to get on a bus to get hold of?

From the womb onward, you are affected by music in the world around you.

In 90 Minute Music we highlight the two symbiotic elements that set us apart from millions of other species.

Music and the Development of Technology.

In 90 Minute Music we carefully employ elements of technology to give a shortcut to the reward circuits of the brain and use these to promote positive development.

Humans have evolved by developing traits and functions to promote survival. Music and the development of technology have been constant throughout our evolution.

What tribal or indigenous elements are relevant today ?

  • Education (Aboriginal people around the world use music to support the telling of stories linked to survival, these stories are passed on through generations.) Nursery rhymes are a modern take on this.
  • Communication (songs are used to learn the rhythms of language) Babies mimic the rhythmical language of their parents native tongue.
  • Work music (From sea shanties to field music, music helps support resilience)

What can music do for me now?

  • Group music making can be a real confidence booster, which can support a strong and positive identity. (We remove the barriers of hierarchy and musical knowledge to promote a hub of creativity and expression)
  • Forming relationships around music can give people lifelong support networks which offer resilience and can support positive mental health.
  • Music can be used to manage mood and is used to reduce pain and anxiety in medical settings. (Many of us experience pain and anxiety…….recent research has shown significant reductions in pain perception with hospitalised patients listening to familiar music.)

Why is technology important?

  • Technology can offer accessibility to those with Specific Learning difficulties or have additional needs and gives an opportunity for people of various levels of experience to instantly share music creation.

90 Minute Music offer a unique experience using state of the art music technology equipment to remind us of the often overlooked elements of music while mirroring Ofsted best practice for music education which is based around practical collaboration. Find out more:

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