We got our hands on professional DJ equipment tonight. I am proud to say that every single one of the group where bang on with their timing and execution of DJ mixing, which comes from the uniquely simple way we look at music.

Rather than showing the group the way that I DJ, I took a leaf out of DJ Methodz book. He is a Hull based DJ who I had the pleasure of speaking with last week. He has recognised the importance of giving young people the room to find their own way to be creative, with a relevance to them. Check out my interview with him by copying the link here:-

We also took turns in speaking about our favourite artists in front of the group, as much to build confidence as to share our musical interests.

Thanks to Liz for once again providing a hub for community activities in Highfields, and thanks to DMBC in partnership with Well Doncaster for providing funding for the development of our young people, who will be the custodians of the borough when we are no longer here.

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