After meeting with members of the Senior learning Team (S.L.T.) at Outwood Academy Adwick, we identified a need to support pupils in year 7.

90 Minute Music research has found that disaffected learners, can gain confidence and develop transferable skills that have been shown to improve results in literacy and numeracy.

We began by musical jamming, playing in a group and learning the value of respect. Once we found ourselves playing in time with each other, we were able to realise the importance of discipline.

We went on to try some rapping and beat-boxing. They learnt various skin drum techniques and began to see the possibilities offered by using the technology. The pupils had the idea that they would consider working on a remix, or could even form a band. The staff were supportive, professional and joined in when appropriate, so thanks to all involved.

It was incredible to be given the opportunity to work with these young people, to witness them gain belief, earn respect for each other, and express ambition to learn more.

The feedback was 10/10 again in respect of them enjoying the session and being interested in doing more.

I will be sending their feedback to the funding bodies, as session by session we are proving the worth of our role in improving outcomes for young people and their families.

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