We worked with young carers in Rossington last night. The young people aged 8 and 11 years had the additional responsibility of looking after their parents and siblings. They had this small window of 2 hours a week to get together with others who were in similar situations. I was asked to attend with them and It was a refreshing change to work with a smaller group.

They engaged wholeheartedly. We developed unique soundscapes, which were played live, learnt new instruments, and it was good to that everyone got involved. 90 Minute Music is built on making small achievements possible and quickly offering further challenges when progress is made. Incredible to witness confidence being gained and new skills attained in a very short period of time.

I will be returning to work with these young people in the New Year. I look forward to building on our progress, it was an absolute privilege to work with this group.

10/10 on the feedback in terms of enjoying the session and expressing the desire to do more 90 Minute Music sessions.

One thought on “Holmescarr Centre Rossington

  1. Fun all the way through with turn taking and team work being applied successfully. The feedback from the Young Carers was a definite Yes! to have more of this. The quickest 90 minutes we’ve known!


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