I was invited to attend Tom Hill Youth Hub in Denaby last night. I began working with a group of between 10 and 12 young people aged between 13 and 15. There was a healthy amount of banter between the group, we had a few highlights, and everyone had a chance to engage in an electro-acoustic jam session.

I decided to give an opportunity for some late arrivals to take an opportunity to experience deep space ping pong which is based around creating a conversation within music, the 3 girls who took part were all very different characters and they were saying beforehand that they generally don’t get along very well. It was good to see them working respectfully and then engaging in conversation afterwards.

There was a great deal of enthusiasm and skill shown from a good number of individuals and it would be great to return and bring a little more of the social bonding and creativity to the fore. Thanks to all who attended.

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