I went back to the place where I began my working life tonight. I had fond memories of the colourful characters I met back then and was looking forward to working with the young people.

I was invited by EPIC Doncaster to attend and was pleased to meet their staff along with a couple of former colleagues from the youth service. It was enlightening to see such a positive engagement, and good to see young people having the courage to engage with technology in front of their peers.

A particular highlight was having the opportunity to talk to young people about the town and what it was like back in the early 90s, I remember the people being very warm and friendly. We compared life back then, to its current problems with guns, gangs and knife crime. I hope the young people I worked with tonight take the positive opportunities that come along, and forge themselves a safer more positive future.

Again great to be working with experienced professionals who have an unwavering passion for supporting young people, and humbling to be asked to return.

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