Back at Tom Hill in Denaby tonight. We began with a group of boys in their young teens, we kept the group down to 6 initially tonight. Although engagement had been good in respect of numbers, I was looking for a little more quality tonight.

We began by discussing building on what we had done the week before. MC Smally had told us he was going to bust some lyrics, so we began to lace a track based on the four lines he had. We had good coherence from the group in deciding how to get to a common goal.

The second group tonight were the girls from the previous week. They had clear visions of what they liked and communicated well on how they might achieve it. Also good communication between each other, which isn’t something you can always take for granted.

The Ableton Push Controller was the main tool we used tonight

I saw good development tonight which we will build on next week, thanks to all for being attentive and focused in a difficult environment.

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