Fully social distanced delivery at Bentley today. We ran two sessions backed by EXPECT Youth and the VCFS Microgrant fund, that supports voluntary groups and C.I.C’s like ours. We had originally planned to do these sessions before the first Covid-19 lockdown, and it is only through the support of Funding like this that we are still able to provide our services.

We had great engagement and full respect of the safe distance rules. A really inquisitive group today. I was glad I could answer questions about my nervous and accidental entry into the music business.

We had a lot of fun designing sounds. Group one worked on a spooky song featuring some vocals inspired by witches, warlocks and zombies. The afternoon group created a suspense filled jungle tune with live recorded sound effects.

We talked about the building blocks of music and the possibilities of a role in the creative industries. It was great to finally get to work with Sandy, and working with Carol is always a pleasure. As always with 90 Minute Music we like to celebrate positive achievements, and there were plenty of those in the room today.

We ended each session with an Electro-Acoustic Jam in which we got to grips with acoustic instruments and had a bit of a blow out. 100% engagement, plenty of smiles, and some great feedback. you can see part of the Jam by clicking on the link https://youtu.be/0FLq0cHD4yM

I bumped into one of the boys as I was leaving the building, he said “are you coming back tomorrow? I said “no I am working somewhere else, did you enjoy it?” he said “yes” and I asked which part did you enjoy? he said “all of it”

It was a privilege to support the young people and youth leaders in their development and also to further my own. Thanks to all.

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