A joy to be asked to join Active Fusion on their Easter Camp to support the transition of young people into secondary education.

Campsmount Academy is a wonderful place to learn, set in the countryside and has been reborn and rebuilt after the tragedy of fire struck a few years ago. As I was driving up, there was a pheasant crossing the road in front of me that had made its way from the adjacent farmland. It feels spacious and the colossal sports hall was large enough to accommodate safely distanced activities.

There were around 40 young people taking part and were split into 4 groups to ensure they all had a chance to experience not only 90 Minute Music, but also Karate, and sports-based activities delivered by trained professionals.

We only had 45 Minutes with each group, so I decided to make it count. As we got through so much, so quickly, I am just going to list the elements that we shared.

Singing – Call and answer   Song Form and Discussed instrumentation.  Discussed feelings around music.  Discussed SLD’s and where music fits in.   Explored learning exercises.   Tried out new technology and Acoustic instruments. Played along as a group.  Understood the idea of chopping up a beat.  Recorded and played back audio and evaluated the sound and levels. Experimented with sound design. Beat Making. Electro acoustic jam.

Aside of the practical session with 100% engagement, the real value was bringing together young people who were from different schools and were only introduced as a result of this opportunity. After the Social exclusion of the last year due to Covid-19 this was a vital resource for the young people involved.

Thanks to Luke for accommodating us and for joining in when I invited him to do so. He helped us open a discussion around Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties, in which we recognised as a group that the courage to speak openly in front of your peers is not to be taken for granted.

We powered through many confidence building, anxiety quashing, education enhancing exercises today. Thanks to all the young people for attending, and big thanks to Active Fusion and The Barrier Buster Fund for funding us.

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