It was great to be asked to come back and support Active Fusion with their summer programme.

Active Fusion focus on activities to promote health and well-being for young people.

Our role was to engage with young people to take part in collaborative work which benefits their transition into secondary education, and to provide fun activities for younger children, while respecting appropriate milestones of the MMC.

As with all our sessions the impetus was on practical engagement, but the focus was on the value of communication. We did this by taking part in a session we call “speak to me” where the participants take part in a surreal conversation using audio which highlights simple, but sometimes overlooked elements of communication.

We then expand on these points by highlighting discipline and respect. We did this by jamming on themes around a tribe that live in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. By highlighting dynamics and simply pointing out when the values of communication, discipline and respect were happening, while working collaboratively, offers different outcomes in the context of practical music making when compared to the headspace of a classroom or home environment.

Further benefits include elements of the more mainstream approach of the Model Music Curriculum such as Singing, listening and composition.

We packed a lot in to these short sessions, but it was rewarding to hear most of the young people speaking about the things they had retained upon visiting them for a second time.

A big message of thanks and admiration for the delivery staff at Active Fusion who are made up of young people in their late teens to early 20s. They showed incredible ability to engage and pitch their communication to young people from age 4 to 11 years and get them to show respect for not only the staff, but each other. It really is notable to see young adults who are motivated to support children in such a passionate and wholehearted way. They all made me welcome and were happy to join in with the practical work when asked.

Overall, for our part we engaged with around 400 young people and our research suggests every one of them will enjoy lifelong benefits through their engagement with industry professionals on this programme. Respect goes out to representatives of DMBC and the Department of Education for attending sessions and getting a genuine feel for the quality provision on offer.

Finally, thanks to the young people who engaged with 90 Minute Music. To see friendships being formed while gaining new skills is wonderfully rewarding. I hope to work with you again soon.

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