We were recently invited to support activities on behalf of the Doncaster Opportunity Area. It is humbling to be considered for this kind of important and impactful work in our own borough of Doncaster.

Our hands-on approach fit the criteria for this perfectly as it was to support young people not in mainstream education and those who may not be able to access the kind of service we provide by barrier of expense or physical locality.

We Provided 4 sessions at the Youth Hubs and were proud to involve our latest volunteer Tom. Tom is studying music at School and it was a great opportunity for him to get real practical experience of working with music, and also a chance for him to work with young people, which might not always seem like a career path for someone of his age.

One of the young people who attended came with his siblings and wasn’t as keen on travelling to the Youth Hub as his brother and sister.

“I didn’t want to come today, I didn’t know it was going to be like this, I’ve really enjoyed it, when I heard it was going to be Music, I thought it would just be boring, but this is awesome, can I come next time?”

M.B. Age 12

We take pride in making our sessions engaging and accessible so to hear quotes like this gives us a real boost to know that the hours of preparation are worthwhile.

We met the usual challenges presented by the Covid-19 Pandemic, and respect goes out to the Youth Hubs staff for their professionalism and humility which I have come to expect, but never take for granted.

Thanks to Philippa Bonham of EXPECT Youth, Lee Douglas and Robin Macneill, and also Paul Littlewood of Higher Rhythm for offering support on this project.

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